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The ‘Year of the Holy Spirit‘ is a moment for all to join together to raise up a new generation in the life and mission of the Catholic Church in the Archdiocese of Canberra & Goulburn.

The 'Year of the Holy Spirit'

The Year of the Holy Spirit builds upon the foundations of the Year of Walking Together (2022-2023) and invites all to explore what is means to become a synodal Church, grounded in our shared understanding of evangelisation: encounter, discipleship and mission. 

As we begin our pilgrim journey and discern what seems ‘good’ in our own Archdiocese, we ground ourselves in four foundational themes.

Foundational Themes

Evangelisation and Synodality.

Developing practical approaches to synodality within our Catholic ecclesiology, grounded in our theology of evangelisation as encounter, discipleship and mission.

Discernment and Charism.

Being formed in discernment as integral to synodality, centred on activating our baptism and releasing the gift of charism as missionary disciples.

Plenary Council.

Realising the aspirations of the Plenary Council and carrying forward the implementation of the Decrees within the Archdiocese.

Archdiocesan Assembly.

Moving towards an Archdiocesan Assembly to gather, celebrate, discern and go out on mission in the Archdiocese and beyond.

Missionary renewal through 'circles' that gather, pray and go.



Fostering a sense of belonging.



Exploring our shared belief.



Becoming missionary disciples.


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Opportunities to 'Belong, Believe, Become.'

There are so many opportunities for you to connect in the Year of the Holy Spirit. This includes a major gathering events like the Marian Procession, participation in The Apostolate or coming into one of our Roundtables or Retreats in the lead in to the Archdiocesan Assembly. Explore all in our Calendar or look over some of our key entry points below.


The Archdiocese is hosting a series of Roundtables. These are opportunities to prayerfully discern, in a spirit of synodality, what the Holy Spirit is saying to the Archdiocese.

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The Archdiocese is hosting a series of Retreats called The Well across the Archdiocese. This is for catechists, educators and leaders involved in evangelisation to be renewed for their ministry.

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The Archdiocese is hosting our Missio: Evangelisation Intensive. This will be an initiative focused on discerning charism and formation on preaching, worship and leadership.

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The Archdiocese will gather and discern what seems ‘good to the Holy Spirit and to us’ at an Archdiocesan Assembly leading the formation of an Archdiocesan Pastoral Council.

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An Encounter for All.

The vision for our Archdiocese is simple: Only Jesus.

The Archdiocese wants all to discover and develop a relationship with Jesus. Whether you are hopeful, doubtful, committed or questioning, there is something that you can connect in with in our Parish and broader Archdiocesan community.


Whether it is engaging with our Parish primary youth groups, childrens circles, primary school initiatives or Sacramental Initiation, we love journeying with children into the full participation in the life of the Church.


There are so many opportunities for young people in our Parish youth groups, secondary schools, youth ministry programs and beyond, to discover and develop a relationship with Jesus.

Young Adult

Young adults and young professionals are a core focus for us as an Archdiocese. Explore our university chaplaincies and the many opportunities to encounter Christ and experience the richness of our faith.

Adults and Families

Seeing marriage and family life as a core expression of mission and fundamental reality of the Church is a priority for the Archdiocese, with something on offer for every stage of life and faith.


The Year of the Holy Spirit is just the beginning of our vision to raise up a new generation of missionary disciples, grounded in discernment of charism and released to renew our parishes.

Still have questions?

That’s okay! Check out our FAQs below or connect with us at the link below. We want to serve and support you every step of the way.

What is the Year of the Holy Spirit?

The ‘Year of the Holy Spirit‘ is a moment for all to join together to raise up a new generation in the life and mission of the Catholic Church in the Archdiocese of Canberra & Goulburn.

Throughout the Year, Parishes, schools, communities and the Archdiocese as a whole will be providing numerous opportunities to explore the central themes of evangelisation: encounter, discipleship and mission. In addition, there will be moments to discern charism, gather in a spirit of synodality and prayerfully explore what ‘seems good to the Holy Spirit and to us.’ (Acts 15:28)

Explore more on the Year of the Holy Spirit at the link HERE.

How can I start an Evangelisation Circle?

Circles are small groups that centre on three key elements: gather, pray and go.

As small groups, Evangelisation Circles can gather anywhere, anytime. This could be within the context of a parish, university, school, ecclesial community, ministry, movement, workplace or just amongst a group of friends.

Anyone can start an Evangelisation Circle. We have, and will continue to, produce new resources to support Circles. In addition, there are many existing resources, like Alpha, that can be used to begin your Circle experience.

Explore more on Evangelisation Circles at the link HERE.

What are some of the ways I can get involved?

There are so many ways to be involved. 

Three things you can immediately do are:

  1. Sign up to The Bulletin, our regular communication regarding upcoming opportunities, initiatives and resources;
  2. Review the Events and Calendar to explore opportunities that you can engage with right now;
  3. Connect in with your local Parish to explore how they are animating this Year of the Holy Spirit.
Does this impact my local Parish?

Yes. The Year of the Holy Spirit and the growing engagement across the Archdiocese in the work of evangelisation, specifically developing opportunities for encounter, discipleship and mission should impact on our Parish communities.

The position we are taking in the development of new initiatives, programs and opportunities is one of: Parish based, Archdiocesan support, evangelisation centred.

What is evangelisation?

Evangelisation is the proclamation of Christ and his Gospel by word and the testimony of life, in fulfilment of Christ’s command. It is the mission and mandate of every baptised Christian and remains central to the life, mission and identity of the Church. 

Evangelisation as articulated by the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference is centred on three key elements: encounter, discipleship and mission. You can explore more detail on this at the link HERE.

What is synodality?

Synodality means journeying together as the People of God. It indicates a way of listening to each individual person as a member of the Church to understand how God might be speaking to all of us. In this way, synodality reminds us of the work of the Holy Spirit through each of us and through all of us working together for our common mission.

Synodality is often articulated as communion, participation and mission. Throughout this Year of the Holy Spirit, there will be many ways and opportunities that we can all – together – participate in a spirit of synodality.

Connect Today!

In this year of the Holy Spirit, we will be offering a series of events for you to gather, celebrate, pray and go out on mission in our Parishes, schools and broader Archdiocesan community.

To stay connected, please register your details to join ‘The Bulletin‘ – our regular communication to leaders throughout this Year of the Holy Spirit.

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